Private Tasting Event

Come by for a tour, a tasting, or contact Jeff Irons to arrange your own private tasting event for you and your friends.

Irons Distillery provides private tasting events.  This is for small groups - recommended size is from 2-30 people, but we can host larger groups, too.  When you and your guests arrive, we close the distillery doors and your private event begins.  Feel free to bring your own food, mixers and snacks, and larger disposable drink cups for adult sized drinks.
After everyone relaxes for a bit, we go on a distillery tour to discuss the whiskey making process in detail.  After the tour, we end up in the tasting room where we open your bottle of Irons ONE to enjoy.
Cost for the event is $200.
Feel free to call or just fill in the information on this page to schedule your private tasting event of Irons ONE whiskey.

Total to pay: $200